This is where you can book skate hire for our public sessions


Skate hire bookings are non-refundable


Please ensure that you:

  • Select the correct date for when you want to skate
  • Book your ACTUAL SHOE SIZE to ensure fit


All skate hire bookings shall be reserved for you until 7:30pm. Should you not arrive by this time then your reservation may be allocated to other skaters at busy sessions unless we know you will be arriving late.


When booking for children under the age of 6 we recommend that you book our stomper skates which are available in sizes 6J to 9J and 10J-13J, so are ideal if you have a beginner skater whos a little nervous too!


We also have an adjustable quad skate in size 10J-13J, 12J-2 and 3-6 which are a more advanced skate than the stompers but aren't as quick as our fixed size skates. Take a look at the images to see the differences.


If the system calculates a postage charge please enter SKATEHIRE in the promo code option to remove this.

28th February SKATE HIRE

Skate Size
    • All skate hire can be booked via the website if the size that you are looking to hire is in stock.
    • Your skate hire reservation will stand until 30 minutes after the session has started. Should you not arrive by this time then your skates may be allocated to another skater.
    • If the size you are looking for isn't in stock please contact us just in case we've received a cancellation.
    • Skate hire is non-refundable
    • All skates must be collected when arriving at the session once payment for the session has been made.
    • All hire skates come with wrist guards
    • All skates and wrist guards MUST BE return at the end of the session
    • Any damage to skates must be reported in order for them to recieve a safety check.  
    • All hire skates are expected to be treated as if they were your own to ensure that they are kept in as good as condition as possible in order for others to use after you.  
    • If you are skating in a manner that is causing damage to the skates then you will be notified and asked to stop that particular action.
    • We operate on a 3 strike system and will be warned 3 times before being asked to remove the skates in order to prevent further damage and injury to yourself.
    • We appreciated that there is the possibility of some wear and tear scuffs and marks obtained during your use however, if you damage hire skates through negligence or misuse you will be asked to cover the cost of replacing like for like. 
    • Should you notice any damage with your skates please tell a volunteer immediately.

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