Terms & Conditions

Birthday Party Terms and Conditions



-Our All Inclusive party package includes, Venue Hire, Skate Hire, Roller Skating Lesson from a Certified Instructor, digital invitations, personalised bottles of water to ensure hydration and party bags which include a promotional key ring and a small bag of sweets. (party bags and contents may vary from those shown on the website and social media pages.)

-Birthday parties are suitable for ages 6 upwards.

-All parties are for 1 hour of roller skating and 1 hour room hire for food only

-Our package is for up to 20 skaters which includes the birthday boy/girl

-If you would like extra skaters please ensure that you check with us prior to confirming your booking to ensure correct staff levels. 

-If extra skaters are permitted there will a charge of £6 per person up to a maximum of 30 skaters

-We do not provide the party food but can arrange for Cafe Central who are based at the venue to make contact with you.

-With our package we hire the venue on your behalf and therefore the hire contract of the venue is with ourselves. 

-Any venue queries should be directed to us only and NOT to the venue.


-Timings of access to the venue and party times will be clearly indicated on your itinerary within your party pack and must be adhered to, to avoid losing skating time. We cannot be held liable for late arrivals which result in reduced skating time.



-When making your enquiry for a party you are making an enquiry for availability only on the date requested 

-On receipt of your enquiry we will be looking to seek venue availability on your chosen date as well as availability in our diary to accommodate your request

-If we are available to host your party, we will not respond to you until we have ascertained venue availability - this usually takes around 48 hours however, please bare in mind that we have no control over the responsiveness of venues and this may take longer.

-If you choose a date where we or the venue are not available, we will respond to the email address provided to advise with recommendations of alternative dates.

-If your venue is available we will forward a booking form to the email address provided.

-Receipt of a booking form confirms a provisional booking only and should not be classed as a confirmed booking.

-Your provisional booking will be reserved for  7 days only

-To confirm your booking you must complete the online booking form in full using the link provided to you in your provisional booking information AND pay the correct deposit indicated on your booking form.

-All deposits are non-refundable

-We will acknowledge receipt of your booking form and deposit and confirm your booking. Your booking is not confirmed until you have received confirmation from ourselves.

-Once your booking is confirmed we will forward you a party pack via the email address specified. 

-Your party pack includes full party itinerary, waiver consent forms and a digital invitation which you can print at home or get printed professionally. 

-If you require a hard copy party pack there will be a charge of £5 as detailed on your booking form. This will include full itinerary, guest list, 19 hard copy invitations and 20 parental consent forms.


-If cancellation is made 14 days or more in advance of the party date then there is no additional cancellation charge but your deposit will be retained.

-If cancellation is made less that 14 days of the party date then the full amount due is still payable.

-If in the rare circumstance that we are forced to cancel your booking then a full refund will be provided

-In the event of an act of God scenario i.e. heavy snowfall which forces us to cancel a booking, we will endeavour to re-arrange your party at the next available date within 14 days of your original party date.

-If you refuse the alternative date then we will cancel your booking and retain your deposit.

-If we are unable to re-arrange your party within 14 days of your original party date then we will issue you with a full refund.


-All skating is at the participants own risk

-All participants must have a completed waiver consent form completed in order for them to take part in roller skating activities. If the participant is under 18 then this must be completed by a parent/guardian. 

-Any skater that does not have a completed waiver consent form will NOT be allowed to take part

-Hire skates and wrist guards will be provided for all skaters and must be worn throughout the session. If participants want to wear further protective pads or helmets they are of course welcome to however, this is not something that we provide.

-Skaters using their own equipment will require a safety check to ensure suitability and safety

-All outdoor skates must be clean before use is allowed

-Skates are only to be work in designated skating areas which will be advised at the start of your session

-Skates must be removed when leaving the skating area i.e. to use the toilet

-Drinks must only be consumed whilst sitting down and within designated areas

-Spillages must be reported to the person responsible for the party and to a member of staff and must be cleared up as soon as possible to avoid injury

-No eating or drinking is permitted whilst skating or to be brought onto the skating floor at any time

-No chewing gum is permitted whilst skating

-Long hair must be tied back

-Ensure that skates are tied properly and do not allow laces to drag on the floor

-Clip fastening roller skates but be fastened correctly

-Clothing must be suitable for roller skating activities i.e. legging and t-shirt. No long flowing dresses/cardigans as permitted

-No hats are permitted

-The use of mobile phones whilst skating is not permitted

-All skaters must skate in the direction of flow. Do not skate against the flow at any time or cross across the path of an oncoming skater

-Cardiff Skate School have a Zero Tolerance to any unacceptable behaviour.

-Any skater deemed skating unsafely or causing obstructions to others will be warned once before being asked to remove their skates if the warning is ignored to avoid injury to themselves, other skaters or members of staff.

-All parties will commence with a full health and safety briefing which includes fire safety arrangements for the building as well as our code of conduct for the duration of the party.

-This also includes a full Learn to Skate lesson.

-Party will not commence until all guests have arrived so it is imperative that you ask guests to arrive in plenty of time to ensure that they can be equipped with their roller skates and safety equipment ready to commence the lesson.


-All parties will commence with a compulsory Learn to Skate lesson that all participants are required to take part in whether they have skated before or not. Anyone not willing to complete this lesson will not be permitted to skate

-The lesson will be conducted by a certified instructor under the British Roller Sports Federation 

-All participants will be instructed how to stand and balance and how to commence roller skating.

-All techniques instructed are required to be followed until the participant is comfortable on their skates and is balanced and we respectively ask that parents/guardians do not advise their child to deviate from these instructions.

-Parents/guardians/party organisers are responsible for ensuring that all participants behave appropriately during the lesson to ensure that the instruction is able to be delivered clearly 

-Any participant that does not participate in the lesson or is disruptive to the lesson will not be able to take part for the safety of themselves and all other participants.

-Parents/guardians are advised to let their child complete the lesson on their own without support. Provided assistance hinders the participant at this stage and will not help them get skating and may cause injury to both yourself and your child.

-Once the lesson is complete and your child has attempted to follow the instruction and received assistance from a member of staff, if they are still struggling, we will then advise the parent/guardian on how to support your child correctly to assist them in still learning to skate with correct technique whilst protecting you both from injury



-It is imperative that all your guests arrive with plenty of time, as indicated within your party pack, to get ready for skating to ensure that the party commences on time

-We advise that all guests arrive at least 20 minutes before the party start time in order for them to receive their skates and pads and get ready for skating.

-Late arrivals will delay the start of the lesson which will mean that skating time is reduced.

-Due to health and safety reasons, anyone who arrives late missing the safety briefing and Learn to Skate lesson will not be permitted to skate

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