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Spring Prize Draw
Enter Our Prize Draw
We are running a prize draw to win some fab prizes!

The prize draw is free to enter but we ask you to consider making a small, voluntary donation to our supported charity bigmoose.

what is bigmoose?

bigmoose is a welsh mental health charity who are on on a mission to support people through therapy and early intervention.

Their goals are to:

- help people with their mental health

- prevent suicide

- reduce homelessness

how do they help people?

Their strategy for achieving these goals is to provide therapy to people who need it, when they need it. In wales there is currently a 36 week waiting list to get mental health therapy, with bigmoose you are seen within a week.

These long waiting lists are huge contributing factors to why we are seeing a rise in suicide rates. People need help, and they need it quickly.

Every client is treated as an individual and they refer them to the best suited therapist based on their needs, and their therapists' specialities. On average people are only needing 4 sessions of therapy.

They even support children too!

If you or someone you know needs support please click on the button below which will take you straight to bigmoose referral form.

So what can you win? 
To enter our prize draw

To enter our prize draw, all you need to do is enter your details by clicking the link below. The draw will take place at our public session on FRIDAY 3 May.
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