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Cardiff Skate School believes that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in a sporting activity whether it's just for fun or in a more competitive environment. Our goal is to give each skater the opportunity to learn a well-rounded set of roller skating skills and our lesson programme makes this easy to achieve.​


Designed to underpin the fundamentals of all the disciplines of roller skating to get you ready to go on your roller sports journey or if recreational skating is more your thing you will be sure that you have all the moves to get the most our of your time on skates.


​Roller skating is a fun and exciting sport that can be done alone or with friends and family and is a great way to stay fit and active. Whatever your reason for learning to skate, our course will get you started on your skating journey with safety at the forefront of everything to help you gain an active skill for life.

Benefits of Roller Skating

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Burns calories

Both indoor and outdoor skating are great ways to burn those calories and can burn up to 500 calories in an hour which is pretty impressive! As a cardiovascular activity it also gets your heart in great shape. 30 minutes of roller skating can raise your heart rate helping to contribute to weight loss and reductions in weight related ailments like heart disease and diabetes

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Works most muscle groups

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Roller skating is the ultimate all body workout as it works most muscle groups including the glutes, the calves, the abs, quads and arms meaning that it will help you tone up too!

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Gentle on the joints

Activities such as running, walking and dancing can wreak havoc on the joints, especially the knees, but roller skating is different. Roller skating is low-impact so whilst you still gain all the benefits that other activities have to offer, by skating you'll lose the harsh impact on your joints by up to 50%.

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Roller skating is safer

YES! You read that right! Roller skating is safer than most other sports. OK, we're not talking about potential grazed knees if you fall, that's what pads are for. We mean that skating is one of the safest sports with regards to sports related injuries. Skating is 3 x safer than football, rugby and tennis, 4 x safer thank basket ball and 5 c safer than cycling!

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Roller skating makes you happy

We all know that we need to keep our bodies healthy but we also have to keep our minds healthy too. Skating clears the mind and minimises mild forms of depression and stress. It reduces bad hormones and whilst it does this it increases endorphins in the body which are commonly known as the happy hormones and if you roller skating with friends you'll have even more fun too! 

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