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  • What is Cardiff Skate School?
    Cardiff Skate School is a sports club dedicated to the sport of roller skating. We provide public roller skating sessions as well as roller skating lessons to ensure that anyone who wants to skate has the opportunity to skate and those that want to participate in a roller sport have the fundamental skills they need to participate in their chosen sport.
  • Do you have skates available to hire?
    Yes we do. Skate hire is available but must be booked in advance of the session you wish to attend. Please book through the website. All our skate are proper roller skates meaning that they are fixed sizes from size 12J to adults size 12. They can feel slightly generous in size so we therefore we suggest you select your normal shoe size to ensure a good fit and perhaps some thick socks! Children's sizes are labelled as J next to the size so please ensure that you select the correct size as during busy periods we will not have availability to swap them. Childrens adjustable sizes are also available. For children age 6 and under we recommend the Stomper skate.
  • What do your lessons consist of?
    Our lessons are designed for the non skater or for those that know the basics but want to expand on this to get a good all round knowledge of roller skating. We follow the British Roller Sports Federation, Skate Smart, Learn to Skate programme and have broken this down even further in to our Edu-Sk8 programme to ensure greater understanding and quicker accomplishment of the skills. The programme covers all the basic fundamentals of roller skating to ensure that you have the skills you need to skate safely, confidently and competently.
  • What if I can already skate, will I gain anything?"
    Self taught skaters sometimes pick up bad habits and don't always have the correct technique to progress on to further skills so a change in technique or a little tweak here and there will help you master that skill you've been trying for ages!.
  • What age is the programme suitable for?
    The programme is suitable for adults and children of all ages. Our programme however, does requires a good level of understanding and being able to follow instruction so for children under the age of 12 we recommend that adults follow the programme and then pass this information onto their child in a way that their child will understand and to ensure that their child is supervised at all times. We explain how to correctly support your child to ensure safety and to ensure that they get skating as quickly as possible. We also have a bonus lesson which is specifically for children under the age of 5. This explains the differences needed to enable younger children to get involved with skating in a simple and effective way.
  • How long will it take me to master all the levels?
    How long the whole course takes you to complete is entirely down to you. Everyone learns at different rates and everyone has different levels of confidence and natural ability. Practice is always key when roller skating, so the more you practice and the more time you have on your wheels, the quicker you will master the skills. The fun is in the learning. Mastering each skill is an accomplishment and achievement so how long it takes you shouldn't matter as long as you're having fun!
  • Do you have roller skates to hire?
    Yes we have a large stock of roller skates available for use at our public sessions and our lessons. Please book skate hire via the website for the session you wish to attend.
  • What are your public sessions?
    Our public sessions are to provide everyone with an opportunity to roller skate. The session is set to music with popular songs and some fun, activity songs thrown in which aren't just fun, but also help to improve your skating!
  • What ages are the public sessions for?
    Our sessions are for all ages but children must be accompanied by an adult. The adult doesn't have to skate.
  • Can I wear my own skates?
    Yes you are more than welcome to wear your own skates. If you have your own skates just turn up and pay at the door. Both quads and inline skates are welcome, please not that heelys are not permitted.
  • Can I pay on the door?
    Yes, you can pay for your session on the door. Cash payments will get you skating quicker, but we do also accept card payments. If you require skate hire, this will still need to be booked online before 2pm on the day of the session you wish to attend, but your session fee can be paid on arrival.
  • Why do I need to complete a waiver?
    All skaters must complete a participation waiver before being permitted to skate. It is a requirement of our insurance company and therefore no waiver no skate. Please ensure that this is completed using the link on the homepage before you arrive. Please also ensure that the person skating is the person named on the form.
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