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Roller skating is a great way for any child to develop their social skills, learn some independence and gain confidence, as well as being a great form of regular physical activity. It develops core stability, balance and coordination as well as building muscle strength. 

Roller skating is suitable for children as soon as they are able to walk independently with the correct type of skates and with the correct guidance. 

As adults all we want to do is protect them and would like to be there whenever they falter or fall and we tend to do as much as we can to avoid them getting into situations where they may get hurt. However, children must be free to learn independently as too much 'help' from mum or dad or assisting in the incorrect way can end up being detrimental, meaning that they will not be able to skate independently and will be unsafe when they do attempt to go it alone. Learning to skate MUST be taken slowly.

When attending our public sessions there will always be a certified instructor on hand to explain to your child the best way to start skating. It's important that you allow your child to follow the instructions that they have been given and reinforce those instructions as they practice. Holding on to your child is detrimental to them learning to skate and it is discouraged as much as possible. However, if it is apparent that your child is extra nervous, or unsteady then will we give you instruction on how to support your child correctly to ensure that your child and you, are as safe as possible.

Our Edu-Sk8 programme is suitable for children as well as adults and throughout the units we explain in full detail what is required to master each skill in turn so that you can assist your child in learning the correct technique to master all the skills they need to learn to become confident and competent skaters. We also fully explain how to correctly support your child to ensure their success and to save your toes!

We also have a bonus lesson for the under 5's!


Imogen Aged 3

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