Welcome to Cardiff Skate School

If you've landed here then it's probably because you're looking to skate, so we're glad you've found us!

Skating is not only great fun but it's also a fantastic way to keep active, for building confidence, meeting new people and is a fantastic social activity for all the family. 

Whether you're a skating pro or looking to put on your first set of wheels, everyone is welcome at our sessions. 

We aim to run one public session per week on a Friday with ad-hoc sessions when possible. 



Public Sessions

Roller skating is fun and exciting sport and can be done alone or with family and friends and is a great way to stay fit and active!  This is why we run regular public sessions where you can practice your skills, meet new people and stay active!


Our public sessions provide a safe and fun environment for anyone who wishes to roller skate. Perfect for our lessons students to practice their skills but also suitable for anyone wishing to participate.

We have a certified instructor on hand to help with advice and tips if you're new to skating or haven't skated for a while, to help get you going safely.

Why skate?

Dating back through countless generations, roller skating has long been an activity enjoyed by many, from children right through to adults.

Whether roller skating is your idea of hell or the greatest thing on wheels, there's no denying that roller skating is great fun and a fantastic way to keep fit, healthy and active!

Whatever your reason for learning to skate, our lessons will get you started on your skating journey safely to help you gain an active skill for life.

American Roller Rink Westgate Street Cardiff 1908.jpg

American Roller Skating Rink, Westgate Street, Cardiff, 1908



Our public sessions will return on Friday 29th April 

6pm - 7:30pm 

All places will be required to be booked in advance and will go on sale this week! 

18 April 2022