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New Year's Resolutions at Cardiff Skate School

4 resolutions for 2018 at Cardiff Skate School

With the New Year getting ever closer we all start to reflect on the year before and we all want to make each New Year better than the one before. The trick to keeping your New Year's resolutions is to keep them simple. Make them too hard to stick to and you've already set yourself up for failure.

I've listed our 4 New Year's resolutions below which we think are most people's hopes for the year to come and we can even help you keep to them too!

1. Get fit

Hand's up if you say this EVERY year? Me too! There’s nothing like trudging to the gym every day to ruin your New Year fitness resolution. It's just too boring! So a tip for the best way to get active in 2018? Find fitness that’s fun!

Did you know that roller skating is one of the BEST ways to get in shape?

It's cardiovascular which is perfect for keeping your heart healthy, works all your muscle groups and burns up to 650 calories in an hour! If you join in our silly party songs as well, just think of the workout you get (method in our madness see).

2. Give back

Are you resolved to be more generous this year? Let us help you with your fundraiser! Book a roller skating fundraiser with Cardiff Skate School and we’ll help you give more back to the community or your local cause.

3. Spend more time with family

Family is what life is all about, but with so much on our to-do lists, finding an empty calendar spot for quality time is hard. Roller skating is a fun, inexpensive activity that the whole family can share. Make a date each week for Friday skating and let the good times roll!

4. Do something new!

You are NEVER too old to do something that you've never done before and try something new! You never know you might like it. Roller skating is a great skill to learn if you're looking for a challenge in the New Year. Why not book onto one of our lesson courses and get that resolution in the bag!

Whatever your New Years resolutions are for 2018 if you're looking for more play, big fun, and a great way to invest in the Cardiff community? Cardiff Skate School is all about active fun, bringing people together and has what families need to achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Visit us in 2018!

New Years Resolutions - Mission: Complete

For more information visit the website

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