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Edu-Sk8 Lesson Programme

So even though we're on our summer break at the moment we have still been busy working on our new lesson programme which will replace our existing lesson programme in September.

Designed to underpin the fundamentals of all disciplines of roller skating it will get you ready for your roller sports journey or if recreational skating is more your thing, you will be sure that you have all the skills to get the most out of your sessions ensuring that you are a confident, competent skater.

Our goal has always been to give each skater the opportunity to learn a well-rounded set of roller skating skills and our new lesson programme now makes this even easier to achieve.

So what is it?

Our Edu-Sk8 programme has 10 progressive levels, each level is represented by a colour and consists of a number of skating skills. Starting at Level 1 (White) each level gets progressively challenging to ensure skaters of any ability can join the programme and work towards becoming more skilled.

When learning to skate with us you will be given a book to look after which will list all of the skills you will need to learn.

At each lesson you will be taught the skills that you need for your current level and will have time to practice your skills.

Once you feel confident that you have mastered a skill, you just ask to be assessed. If you sucessfully perform the skill, you will have your book signed to say that you have passed.

Once all the skills on your card have been signed off, you will be ready to progress on to the next level.

Once you have passed the level you will receive your certificate, and have the opportunity to purchase a t-shirt which will be the colour of the level that you have passed. Every time you skate with us you can wear your t-shirt with pride to show everyone how far you have come with your skating.

Why has it changed?

Our previous lesson programme still achieved what the new programme will but after running it for so long and on feedback that we've received over the years, we decided that we needed to add more skills, make recognition easier to achieve by breaking the old grades down in to smaller, more manageable levels and to enable skaters more flexibility.

Who can join the lessons?

All ages from 7 upwards are able to attend the lessons and all abilities are welcome.

What if I can't make the lessons?

The great thing about the Edu-Sk8 programme is that we have made it is more accessible than ever so that if you are unable to commit to the lessons but still want recognition for your skills you can have the opportunity to do so. You will need to pay a registration fee and you will receive a grade book. You can then ask to be assessed at any session and have the opportunity to earn the certificate and t-shirt for that level. If you get to a skill that you are unable to master, you can book on and attend one of our workshops to help you master that skill.

What if I'm already having lessons?

If you have been attending our lessons already, when you return in September you will start on the level equivalent to the grade level that you are currently on so you can continue on from last term. As there are additional skills you may have a slightly lower level to start with to ensure that all the skills are learnt, but you can discuss this at your first lesson back to ensure that you're on the correct level for you.

We're really excited for the start of the new term in September and we are really looking forward to seeing all the lovely coloured t-shirts of well deserved achievement!

To book your place please go to

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