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5 reasons you should invest in a pair of skates instead of hiring

If you're new to skating or are just thinking about skating and attending a public session or just starting out with lessons, then hiring skates is a great way to try it out and see how you get on, without the expense of purchasing your own skates.

But if you find that you're becoming a regular skater and you're still not sure on whether to buy your own skates or not, here are 5 reasons why you should!

1. DOH!

Remembering to hire skates can be a bit of a chore, especially at busy sessions when you're fighting to hire your size first. Plus it removes the option of a last minute skate as it will be too late to hire or your size might be all booked up!


Ok, we know that feet smell! Some more than most and although we're really good at ensuring that our skates remain fresh and deodorised, sometimes it's just not good enough, especially with the most popular sizes, so they can pong a bit at times!


Ever have a day where you really want to get some skating in, but there are no sessions on. If you had your own set of skates you could be feeling the breeze in your hair, smiling in the sunshine (stop and picture that, you are smiling now aren’t you?!). That picture you are envisioning, that COULD BE YOU if you had your own set of roller skates, and think of all the extra calories you could be burning off! (good to keep in mind with the festive season now upon us). 


Have you ever noticed that despite hiring your correct size they just don't seem to fit like you want them to? Do you end up hiring a size that's not your shoe size to compensate, but it still doesn't seem right? That is because so many other feet have been in those skates that they can become stretched and different people skate in different ways which effects the overall fit of the boot over time. If you have your own pair that only you use, then they will stretch to fit your feet and mould to your skating style perfectly.


There are SO many amazing designs of skates around these dates and so many different kinds of skates to suit everyone that you can make your skates be a reflection of your awesome personality. You can have ones that light up, like your smile lights up the room. You can get ones with flames like the crazy fast speeds you reach. Or maybe you need a pom pom to put a little jingle in your roll. Whatever your style, there is a skate to suit.

What! We haven't convinced you already? OK, though you should really do that mind picture in reason three again .... that will probably seal the deal.

Our Christmas skate shop is now open and taking orders, take a look and see if something tickles your pickle!

Of course if you're still not convinced that skating is for you then hiring skates is a great, inexpensive way to give it a try.  We only provide high quality skates at our sessions for hire, which are maintained to a strict cleaning and maintenance schedule to keep them in tip top condition and to ensure you get the best skating experience possible.

Skate hire is available at all our public sessions and lesson classes by booking in advance via the website

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