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Cardiff Half Count Down

Who would have thought that this time last year I'd be preparing for a half marathon? I certainly NEVER entertained the idea and never in a million years thought that this would be something that I would ever do.

As we get closer to Sunday I'm starting to not only feel excited (I know right?) but quite emotional too. I can't really tell you why but I have a few theories.

First and foremost I think that on a personal level this is a huge achievement for me. Doing something that I never thought I would be able to do or even attempt. Of course I know that I may not finish or my time may not be considered 'decent', but for me, running this Sunday is huge personal achievement, regardless of the outcome.

Secondly, of course, it's because I'm running for The Adam Cullen Skating Project.

I know 1000's of people raise money for 1000's more charities every year and each and every single charity, including the big ones, of course deserve every penny. But supporting a small charity will always be more important for me because they need the help that little bit more. They may not be fighting cancer or may not be supporting the NHS but they are making a direct difference to peoples lives.

They are helping to provide and also helping me to provide the opportunity to someone who has a difficulty or a disability to roller skate!

What's the big deal?

A lot of people will never 'get' what the charity is trying to achieve and unless you are a skater you may well never 'get' it. But in a nutshell, whether you're a skater or not, if you have a barrier to doing something that you would really like to do then it matters! If you have hearing difficulties, you get a hearing aid, you have walking difficulties, you get a walking aid, you want to roller skate..... you see my point.

Roller skating has so many more benefits that you may not know about unless you have been a part of the skating community and it's not just about getting someone skating, it's about enjoying all the other benefits that go with it.

Increasing health, improving balance and coordination, making new friends, building confidence and self esteem, feeling equal and taking party in an activity with family and friends and just having fun!

Skating makes you HAPPY!!

Fundraising Target

As you know I've been trying to raise money for the charity and only set a small target because for me it was about trying to raise the profile of the charity and trying to get them in front of people so that hopefully people who needed them would find out about them. Raising money along the way is just a huge bonus.

The target I set of £250 has been well and truly reached and as of today (5th October) are total stands at £283 and I can't thank you enough for this and we are hoping to add to this at our public session this evening.

Good Luck

Finally I know some of our skaters and friends are also running the half marathon this weekend along with 25,000 other runners and I just want to say a massive Good Luck to everyone talking part and thank you to all the people volunteering and supporting and those helping to raise awareness and funds for all of the charities out there that we are supporting. You are all amazing!

See you at the finish line!!!!

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