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Roller Skating Safety Tips for Kids

When it comes to our children we all want what is best for them and this is no exception when it comes to them participating in sports and physical activities. As much as we would like to be there whenever our kids falter or fall, it isn't always possible and often isn't always necessary and is true for many things, but is also true with roller skating.

Roller skating is a great way for any child to develop their social skills, learn some independence and gain confidence as well as being a great form of regular physical activity. Our public sessions are the perfect way to enhance these skills but even with all these positives, roller skating doesn't come without its fair share of tumbles.

As a mum of 3 I know how hard it is to watch your child get hurt and we do as much as we can to avoid them getting into any situations where this may happen. I also know only too well that sometimes we can molly coddle them just a little bit too much and finding that middle ground between hinder and help can be a constant challenge. Roller Skating is one of those activities where it's best to let them go it alone.

Children must be free to learn to skate independently as too much 'help' from parents or assisting in the incorrect way can end up being detrimental meaning that they are not able to skate independently and end up being unsafe when they do attempt to go it alone.

Those that have attended any of our sessions will know serious injury is rare and we do not require a helmet or other safety items to be worn however, a good way to put your mind at ease when the kids want to go it alone is to ensure your child is fully equipped with the proper safety accessories.


Head injuries are all too common within the world of sports and most head injuries that we see in roller skating are from beginner skaters who haven't quite mastered their balance yet. Be sure the helmet fits snugly on the head and covers a good majority of the front and back of the head.

The SFR Essentials Helmet is a great buy. Essentials Helmets come with dual sizing pads to customise the fit to ensure a safe, tight fitment. They come in a variety of colours and you can pick one up for under £16! It's always a good idea to try before you buy to ensure a good fit but if you do prefer to buy online make sure you measure your child's head with a tape measure to ensure you buy the correct size!

Proper Skates

Roller skates are not a one size and style fits all kind of thing and with the hundreds of types and styles on the market purchasing roller skates can be a bit of a daunting task. Always ask us for advise before you buy but a great rule of thumbs is...

When purchasing a pair of skates be sure that you buy them in person so that they can be tried on. Be sure that the skates are comfortable and not too big to avoid slipping when rolling around. Before skating always make sure that the toe stops and wheels are secure and ensure that laces are tied correctly to ensure they won't come undone.

There are different skates for different kids of skating but for a general all round basic skate the Rio Roller is definitely our recommendation. It's prefect for indoor skating but also great for outdoors. They have great ankle support and a variety of designs and colours to suit even the fussiest of kids... an adults :)

(We don't recommend inline skates for children)

Appropriate Clothing

As with any sport you need to dress appropriately for the occasion. They must be able to move freely without restriction and it should be breathable for when they are building up a sweat. Roller skating is a great cardiovascular activity so getting a bit hot and bothered is part of the course. Skinny jeans just won't cut the mustard I'm afraid.

If you're worried about little tumbles then stick to long sleeved clothing which will help avoid any unnecessary scrapes and bruises, but make sure that your trousers are suitable. Avoid loose flowing trousers and make sure that they aren't too long so they don't get caught in your wheels. If your child really wants to look the part then we will be launching some skating t-shirts on the website soon!


The most common source of injury whilst roller skating comes from falling on the elbows, the knees and especially the wrists as these are generally the first things that will come in to contact with floor when taking a bit of a fall. As such we have a large stock of wrist guards at all our sessions which are free to use but if you want to provide a little bit more protection then invest in some elbow and knee pads too.

The other common source of injury comes from falling on the bottom. Forget what your mother told you, it is definitely not the best part to fall on. You can buy crash pants to provide you with even more protection or failing that a couple of sponges down your trousers do the same thing!


We have a certified instructor on hand at all our sessions to give your child a little helping hand with hints and tips to get them rolling correctly and what to do to avoid falling as well as providing you with the correct technique to support your child correctly, should you find it a little difficult to let them go it alone .. trust me your toes will thank us for it!

But the best and safest way to get your child skating safety is to enrol them in one of our group lesson courses so that they learn correct skating technique as well as everything they need to know to become confident and competent skater. Plus you can even join in to and make it a family activity!

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