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Love is in the rink

Most people think of Valentine's Day as a bit of a customary thing. You exchange the same old cards and gifts as everybody else, you get dressed up, you go out to the same fancy restaurants as everybody else and then repeat it again next year. It can become a bit of a chore of something that is expected rather than something you look forward to.

But have you considered doing something that is actually fun instead?

A roller skating date might not seem like it fits for a date night and certainly may not be on your tick list for the perfect romantic Valentines night out, but trust us, you might just be surprised and it has some pretty decent benefits too! Here's our run down of the pro's and con's of a Roller Skating Date Night!

Pro: It's inexpensive

Both of you can come out to skate for under £9 including skate hire.


You'll have so much money left over for gifts that your date might just expect you to really deliver!

Pro: It's unique

While everyone else is trying to squeeze into busy restaurants, you and your date will be enjoying a fun, nostalgic date whilst helping your waist line rather than adding to it!


Your date may expect this same level of creativity all the time. Whether that's a problem however, depends on how creative you are.

Pro: It's a good excuse to hold hands

Forget the uncomfortable yawn and reach move, this really is the the perfect excuse to hold your dates hand.


Sorry we can't think of why this would actually be a bad thing?

So there you have it! Grab your date, put on your fanciest pair of socks and head down to any of our public sessions and do something different.

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