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Parents guide to children's birthday parties

Childhood is all about making memories and when it comes to children's birthday parties we go all out to ensure that our children have a fantastic experience that they will remember fondly for years to come.

But creating all these memories isn't so fantastic for parents. I recently read that children's birthday parties are the second most stressful event to organise, next to organising a wedding! Now I'm not sure I would go that far or how true this statement is but as a mum of 3, I can certainly see why people do get stressed when trying to organise children's parties.

As a professional party organiser I often get asked for hints and tips on how to create a memorable and enjoyable party with as little stress as possible. Drawing on many years of experience and some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive, we have put together our simple, stress free guide to organising your child's next birthday party.

1. Plan well in advance

We find the best way to minimise the stress of organising your child's birthday party is to ensure that you plan well in advance and by well in advance we mean around 6 months in advance. It may sound crazy but it really does tick most of the boxes to avoiding stress.

2. Choose what kind of party you are going to host

There are so many themes and different kinds of entertainment to choose from that this is generally the hardest part of organising a party. Once you have made a decision on what kind of party it is going to be, the rest of the organisation will fall into place much easier.

3. Set the date, time and venue

It's important to ensure that the date you book is not going to clash with any classmates birthdays or other important dates like major sporting events. As most parties incorporate a birthday tea, it's an idea to consider mealtimes when setting the time of your party.

It's also important to ensure that the venue you are hiring is big enough for the planned entertainment/activities. Always check maximum numbers with your entertainment and venue (don't forget to count the grown-ups) and also make sure you check with your entertainment provider to ensure that the venue you're going to use is suitable for the planned entertainment. It's always a good idea to ask your entertainer for recommendations.

4. Invitations

Make sure your invitations are sent out with enough notice for people to RSVP, especially if your planned entertainment charges per head, accurate numbers are a must to avoid being charged for no shows. It's also advisable to provide advice on whether siblings are permitted to join in or not and also whether you require the parents to stay with their child for the duration of the party.

Make sure you mention any theme and if any specific instructions are needed i.e. if any specific dress or footwear is required and don't forget to ask about special dietary requirements that your guests may have as well as any consent forms needed.

5. Planning party food and party bags

When it comes to planning the party food always remember to keep it simple. Small finger foods are best and if you're having an energetic party it may be advisable to leave the party food until the end to avoid upset tummies.

If you're providing party bags consider ordering them already made up on-line, just remember to leave plenty of time for them to arrive.

6. Setting up the venue

Depending on what kind of party you have booked, if you are required to decorate the venue yourself, make sure you arrive early enough to ensure that all the decoration and setting up is finished before the guests start to arrive so that you can direct children and parents without worrying about blowing up balloons.

Make sure you check with the entertainer where you should lay out the food, keeping in mind space for the activities of the party as well as accommodating grown-ups. If your venue is on the smaller side why not put up tables later one once the entertainment is nearly finished so that the space can be utilised, or alternatively set up the food in another room if there's one available.

7. Welcome guests

If your party is suitable for parents to leave their child with you, it's always a good idea to have a note pad and pen available for contact details to be left and always make sure you confirm the pick-up time!

Check in advance with your entertainer (if you have one) as to how the party will play out. Do they welcome the children or do you need to? Are there any special instructions to follow? especially if there is equipment involved. As the children arrive make sure that they are introduced to your entertainer and sat down to wait further instruction and for the party to start.

8. Manage the grown-ups

Be clear on where the grown-ups can sit/mingle safely. Make sure the grown-ups know what is expected from the entertainment to help manage the children, especially if you have entertainment where the children are required to sit and listen to instruction. Your entertainer is there to entertain and shouldn't be responsible for managing the behaviour of the children - including unacceptable noise levels.

9. Party food and Cake

Check with your entertainer about the timing of food around their entertainment i.e. are they having food at the end or having a break in between.

It's always a good idea to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles on the cake as soon as they are seated for party food to give you time to add a slice of cake to the party bags whilst they keep themselves busy filling up on tasty treats.

10. Home time

Giving out party bags is a great way to confirm to the guests that the party is over.

If you have an entertainer, use them to help in spread the word that it's home time.

Once the children have been collected, gather up all the presents, tidy the venue and head home for a nice cup of tea and watch the excitement of present opening time! You did it!!


Of course these tips aren't going to apply to every party or every entertainer but we hope that you can find at least a couple of helpful tips to keep the stress levels under control. Why not down load GET Roller Skating's handy check list next time your planning a party!

GET Roller Skating like stress free happy grown-ups so they organise your whole party so you don't have to. They arrange the:



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