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Skating is good for your mental health

With Mental Health Awareness Week fast approaching it's important to keep talking about mental health. Not just about specific mental health issues but also about maintaining our general well-being to ensure that we keep our minds healthy to possibly avoid a mental health issue in the future.

Physical activity in general, is not only good for maintaining the health of our bodies, but it is also one of the most effective ways to look after our mental health and general well-being and the best news? It doesn't have to mean endless trips to the gym or participating in traditional forms of exercise like running or swimming, to gain the benefits.

It's recommended that we should all do some form of physical activity every day and this can be achieved easily by doing simple things like going for a walk or doing the housework ... although, I don't know about you, but housework, no matter how good it is for me, doesn't exactly fill me with excitement! So, rather than settle for the dull and boring forms of physical activity, I roller skate!

Skating is GREAT exercise

As we've already established in a previous blog 6 Reason why Roller Skating is THE way to stay healthy, skating is a fantastic physical activity to keep you in great shape and as we've just discussed, any physical activity is a positive step to a healthy mind.

Skating helps manage stress

Whatever kind of skating you prefer, skating is a great way to forget about things for a little while. You could go for a long casual skate around your local park or find a long smooth cycle track and enjoy the peace and quiet with the wind in your hair*, take a trip to your local roller disco event or play a roller sport. You'll return feeling much more relaxed ready to face the day or, if you're like me, ready for a well needed good nights sleep.

Skating is social

Skating can introduce you to whole new social circle outside of your normal friendship groups and usual routine. Every day there are skaters old and new so it is a wonderful way to develop new friendships which is great for new conversation and a break from the norm. Check out local skating events near you or even sign yourself up for lessons? There’s nothing like attempting a new skill with other people to develop new friendships and have a giggle along the way.

Skating gives you a natural high and makes you happy

When you are skating you just can’t help but smile. Skating has a special something that just makes you happy. You just can’t help it! As they say...

'Have you ever seen a sad person on roller skates?'

As busy mum of 3 (aged 13, 10 and 1) and someone who has suffered with antenatal depression and postnatal depression and currently dealing with postnatal depression for a second time, skating is the thing that puts a smile back on my face, gives me a boost of energy and re-sets me to a lovely state of calm. Of course it's not for everybody but if you're looking for a new physical activity or looking for a different kind of stress relief then why not give skating a try.

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If you are concerned about a friend or family member or are worried that you may be developing a mental health problem, then help is available and you should seek advice and support from your GP as soon as possible.

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from the 8-14 May 2017. For more information and sources of help and advice please visit

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