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5 Ways to improve your skating workout

If you want to stay active during the winter, develop healthy habits and get fit before spring, then it's time to take up roller skating. Skating is one of the top exercises recommended for cardiovascular health and muscle strength as it works most major muscles in the body.

When you think that the average Christmas dinner totals up around 5000 calories we think that you might be interested to know that roller skating can also burn up to an impressive 600 calories in an hour!! Now of course you could burn it off by running or going to the gym but wouldn't you prefer to have some fun whilst your getting into shape?

Although skating on it's own is going to give you a really good workout, there are things you can do to really get the most out of your time on skates and improve your workout!

1. Warm up.

As with any form of physical activity it's really important that you prepare your body before hand by warming up. Loosen up your muscles before you get rolling by doing basic stretches which can help you minimise injury and maximise effort for a skating workout that's fun as well as being effective.

2. Squat it out.

The lower your body gets to the floor during skating, the better you'll engage your legs and core meaning a better workout. Swing your arms to engage your upper body as your skating which will help to increase the heart rate and if you really want to mix it up, try active squats (going from standing tall to bending low at the knees) as you cruise around the rink.

3. Dance

If you're a regular skater at our sessions you'll know that we like a good old party song. As much as they are a bit of good fun there is method in our madness to including these in our playlist. These party song actions not only help increase your general skating skills but by joining in you are actually getting a great workout too and the more enthusiastic you are the more calories you burn!

4. Add weight

What's an easy way to make your skating workout harder? Weigh more! But since that's probably the opposite of what your trying to achieve at this time of year, you can wear a weighted belt or secure ankle/wrist weights before hitting the skating floor.

5. Have fun!

As with anything, the more you enjoy something the more you learn to love it and the more likely that you'll continue to do it. That's why most people quit the gym by February. Skating is more than a workout it's fun, it's social and it just doesn't feel like exercising!

So if you're looking for a different kind of work out this New Year then why not join us at the Cardiff City House of Sport every Friday 7:00pm - 8:30pm and skate the winter blues away... and hopefully a few unwanted Christmas chocolates too!

*You should consult your doctor before undertaking any new physical activity.

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